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A great concert deserves to live on, if not in an audio recording, at least in a depiction in words.  Local media rarely publish reviews of choral concerts, and our purpose here is to fill that void with original reviews, contributed by our own cadre of reviewers.  Maybe you would like to join them.  If you are serious about choral music and can write well, you are invited to contribute to this effort.  Click here for our review guidelines.

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Date of concert Title of concert Source of review
Placer Pops Chorale 12/13/13 It's Christmas Once Again Original (a)
Cantare Chorale of the Sierra Foothills 12/8/13 Peace for the Holidays Original (a)
Woodland Chamber Singers 12/8/13 It's the Holiday Season! Original (a)
Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus 12/8/13 Cool Yule - A Big Band Theory Original (d)
Voices of California 12/7/13 Believe Original (a)
River City Chorale 12/6/13 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Original (a)
The Vocal Art Ensemble 11/23/13 Voices of Innocence Original (a)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 10/26/13 Stained Glass Concert Original (a)
Slavic Chorale 10/26/13 Rachmaninov: Music of the Eternal Soul Original (e)
Sacramento Valley Chorus 10/26/13 A New York State of Mind Original (a)
Samantics 10/25/13 "The Captive" and Other Victor Herbert Rarities Original (d)
High Voltage 10/13/13 Back to Broadway Original (a)
Yuba Sutter Master Chorale 10/12/13 Let's Go to the Movies! Original (a)
Chanticleer 9/29/13 She Said, He Said Original (b)
Samantics 9/12/13 How Now, Dow Jones Original (a)
Capella Antiqua 8/16/13 The Rose of Virtue Original (a)
Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento 8/15/13 3rd Annual Interfaith Night of Music and the Spoken Word Original (a)
Sierra College Foundation 7/14/13 Broadway at Sierra 2013 Original (a)
Music in the Mountains Festival Orchestra and Chorus 6/30/13 Beethoven's Ninth Symphony Original (d)
West Sacramento Community Singers 6/30/13 Capitol Rotunda Performance Original (a)
A Gift of the Heart 6/28/13 Homeland 2013 Original (a)
Folsom Gold 6/23/13 Folsom Gold Original (a)
High Voltage 6/18/13 The Best of Broadway Original (a)
Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus 6/8/13 ExtrABBAganza! Original (a)
UC Davis, University Chorus 6/7/13 American Choral Works Original (b)
Camerata California 5/26/13 Let Freedom Ring Original (a)
The Vocal Art Ensemble 5/25/13 GODAI Original (a)
Samantics 5/24/13 Platter Party! Original (a)
Sierra Master Chorale 5/19/13 Spring Concert Original (c)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 5/18/13 Lest We Forget An Armed Forces Salute Original (a)
Sacramento Master Singers 5/18/13 Sondheim: A Choral Celebration Original (c)
American River College Concert Choir
American River College Chamber Singers
5/14/13 A Choral Gala Original (a)
Voices of California 5/11/13 The Great American Cookbook Original (a)
Grass Valley Male Voice Choir 5/11/13 Melodies for Spring Original (a)
Placer Pops Chorale 5/11/13 American Spirit Original (c)
Cantare Chorale of the Sierra Foothills 5/11/13 Testament of Freedom Original (c)
Capella Antiqua 5/10/13 A View from the Footlights Original (a)
Renaissance Choir Sacramento 5/9/13 Palestrina's Missa Iste Confessor Original (a)
Colla Voce Chamber Singers 5/5/13 They're Playin' Our Song Original (a)
River City Chorale 5/5/13 How Can I Keep From Singing? Original (a)
Chanteuses 5/4/13 Salut Printemps! Original (a)
Vox Musica 5/4/13 REPLAY: Musical Settings of Bedtime Stories Original (b)
Amador Choraliers 5/3/13 Golden Jubilee Original (a)
Yuba Sutter Master Chorale 4/27/13 With Jubilant Song! Original (a)
Davis Chorale 4/13/13 Luminous Night of the Soul Original (a)
Sacramento Capitolaires 4/6/13 Harmony! Barbershop to Baroque Original (a)
Schola Cantorum 3/24/13 Lenten Choral Mysteries Original (b)
High Voltage 3/16/13 Spring Cabaret Original (a)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 3/10/13 Stained Glass Concert Two: Sound and Spirit Original (a)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 3/10/13 Stained Glass Concert Two: Sound and Spirit Sacramento Gazette
Sacramento Master Singers 3/9/13 Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem Original (a)
Sacramento Women's Chorus 3/9/13 Celebrate! 25th Anniversary Concert Original (a)
Capella Antiqua 3/8/13 The View from Vienna about 1800 Original (a)
Vox Musica 3/2/13 Music Worth Sharing Original (a)
The Spokes 3/1/13 HellaCappella Original (a)


1/27/13 A Celebration of 79 Years of Oscar's "Best Song" Nominees and Winners Original (a)

24th Annual Folsom Jazz Festival

1/26/13 Jazz Choir Competition Original (a)
Camerata California 1/5/13 El Dia de los Reyes Original (a)


(a) Dick Frantzreb  
(b) Dena Kouremetis  
(c) Robert M. Johnson  
(d) Winslow Rogers  
(e) V. Frantzreb  
(f) Eric Callagher  
(g) Nancy Bramlett  
(h) Tracia Barbieri