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The reviews in the Sacramento Choral Calendar are maintained online indefinitely as a record of the hard work that goes into every choral concert.

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Date of concert Title of concert Source of review
Sacramento Children's Chorus 2/25/18 A Wold of Music Original (a)
Vox Musica 2/24/18 GOETHEANUM: Light, Space, Sound, Color Original (r)
Sacramento Valley Choral Coalition 2/10/18 SacSings Sacred Original (a)
Sacramento Master Singers 12/21/17 A Master Singers Christmas Original (n)
Grass Valley Male Voice Choir 12/19/17 A Very Merry Christmas Concert Original (n)
High Voltage 12/19/17 Holiday Celebration Original (s)
Schola Cantorum 12/16/17 From Heaven on High Original (a)
Davis Chorale 12/16/17 Singing and Ringing Original (a)
Sierra Gold Chorus 12/16/17 Reflections of Christmas Original (v)
Capella Antiqua Choir & Baroque Orchestra and Choir of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament 12/15/17 Messiah Original (a)
The Vocal Art Ensemble 12/15/17 LUX—The Many Facets of Light Original (n)
Chanticleer 12/14/17 A Chanticleer Christmas Original (x)
Vox Musica 12/11/17 Lux Aeterna Original (w)
Sacramento Valley Chorus 12/9/17 'Tis the Season To Be Jolly Original (n)
Capital Christian Center 12/9/17 The Singing Christmas Tree Original (s)
Placer Pops Chorale & Orchestra 12/9/17 Holiday Pops Original (g)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 12/9/17 Wells Fargo Home for the Holidays Original (a)
Amador Choraliers 12/7/17 A Timeless Christmas Original (a)
Colla Voce Chamber Singers 12/7/17 A Celtic Christmas Original (v)
Folsom Lake College Music Dept. 12/5/17 Great Choruses: The Alpha and Omega Original (s)
Northern California Children's Chorus 12/3/17 Wishing You Memories Original (r)
Sacramento Children's Chorus 12/3/17 Dancing Through December Original (n)
River City Chorale 12/3/17 Ring the Bells of Christmas Original (u)
Sacramento State University Choruses 12/2/17 A Procession of Carols Original (a)
Chanteuses 12/2/17 Christmas Concert 2017 Original (a)
Voices of California 12/2/17 Cool Yule Original (a)
Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus 12/1/17 Holiday Mix Tape Original (u)
Sac State School of Music, Jazz Studies 12/1/17 Vocal Jazz Ensembles Original (b)
Woodland Chamber Singers 12/1/17 Season of Light Original (a)
Lincoln Theatre Company Choristers 11/30/17 Christmas Fantasia Original (r)
Reconciliation Singers Voices of Peace (RSVP) 11/5/17 Walking in Their Shoes Original (a)
Sacramento Sate University Chorus, Men's Chorus & Women's Chorus 11/4/17 The Road Home Original (r)
Samantics 10/29/17 The Music of Lerner & Loewe Original (a)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 10/21/17 Revelations of Love Original (a)
Sacramento Women's Chorus 10/14/17 Birthday Bash! Original (n)
Cantare Chorale of the Sierra Foothills 10/8/17 Heartstrings Original (s)
High Voltage 9/24/17 Broadway Through the Decades Original (a)
Roseville Theatre Arts Academy Community Choir 7/15/17 An Evening Serenade Original (a)
High Voltage 6/21/17 The Best of Broadway Original (a)
UC Davis University Chorus 6/9/17 Spring Concert Original (r)
Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus 6/10/17 Puttin' on the Glitz! Original (s)
Davis Chamber Choir 6/3/17 Spring Concert Original (r)
UC Davis Early and Modern Ensemble 6/4/17 Bach to Bernstein Original (a)
The Vocal Art Ensemble 6/4/17 Play: The Clever • The Creative • The Ingenious Original (a)
Music in the Mountains Chorus 6/2/17 2017 Choral Spring Original (a)
Camerata California 5/28/17 An American Requiem Original (a)
Sierra Master Chorale & Orchestra 5/23/17 Spring Concert Original (a)
Vox Musica 5/21/17 Voices in Harmony: Bluegrass and Beer Original (a)
Doreen Irwin Singers 5/21/17 Mozart's Coronation Mass Original (r)
Placer Pops Chorale 5/21/17 That's Entertainment!  The Best of Stage & Screen Original (s)
Lincoln Theatre Company Choristers 5/21/17 A Dazzling Disney Musical Adventure Original (a)
Sacramento Master Singers 5/20/17 How Do I Love Thee? Original (a)
Voices of California 5/20/17 When You Wish Upon a Song... Original (a)
Reconciliation Singers Voices of Peace (RSVP) 5/19/17 Open Doors Original (s)
Chanteuses 5/14/17 Holst, Harp & Hearts Original (r)
Sacramento Women's Chorus 5/13/17 Today I Live! Original (r)
Sacramento Children's Chorus 5/7/17 For the Love of Song Original (r)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 5/6/17 European Masterworks Original (s)
River City Chorale 5/5/17 The 40th Anniversary Concert Original (t)
Sacramento City College Choirs & Commercial Music Ensemble 5/2/17 POP ROCKS Original (r)
Vox Musica and The Choral Project 4/23/17 Voices of Hope Original (s)
Sacramento Capitolaires 4/22/17 Everything Old Is New Again Original (r)
Grass Valley Male Voice Choir 4/22/17 Inspiration Original (a)
The Spokes 4/21/17 HellaCappella Original (a)
Renaissance Choir Sacramento 4/11/17 The Lamentations of Jeremiah Original (s)
Camerata California 4/9/17 Messiah Original (r)
Schola Cantorum 4/8/17 Lenten Choral Mysteries Original (s)
High Voltage 3/26/17 Unplugged Original (a)
Samantics 3/25/17 British Musical Theatre Original (r)
Sacramento Master Singers 3/19/17 Love Heals Original (a)
Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra 3/18/17 The Music of Downton Abbey Original (a)
Davis Chamber Choir 3/18/17 Around the World in 80 Minutes Original (h)
UC Davis Early and Modern Ensemble
(Early Music Ensemble)
3/17/17 Miserere Original (a)
UC Davis University Chorus & Alumni Chorus & Davis Chorale 3/12/17 Brahms "Ein deutsches Requiem" Original (a)
Hindustani Vocal Ensemble 3/6/17 Performance Original (a)
The Afterglow 3/3/17 Lights Low with The Afterglow Original (a)
Vox Musica 2/18/17 Voices in Poetry Original (a)
Sacramento Children's Chorus 2/12/17 A Moment in Time Original (a)
Capital Christian Center & Genesis Church 1/15/17 We Are Better Together Original (a)


(a) Dick Frantzreb  
(b) Dena Kouremetis  
(g) Nancy Bramlett  
(h) Tracia Barbieri  
(n) Diane Boul  
(r) JR Keith  
(s) Dr. Jeff Nelson  
(t) Sallee Kallenbach  
(u) Terrie Carrozzella  
(v) Faythe Vollrath  
(w) Stephanie Vollrath  
(x) Margaret Leigh