The Sacramento Choral Calendar



What Is the Sacramento Choral Calendar?

First, an introduction.  My name is Dick Frantzreb, and I am the past president of the Sierra Community Chorus (now the Placer Pops Chorale) and a lifelong singer in choruses.  In September of 2009, I initiated a website called The Placer Performance Calendar to cover all the performing arts events in South Placer County and Folsom.  I was concerned that quality performances of all kinds were under-patronized, and I wanted to do something about it.  That Calendar has been updated almost every day over these past 7 years, and it currently lists the performances of nearly 100 organizations.

As a lover of choral music, I had become increasingly aware in the summer of 2011 of the abundance and diversity of choral organizations in the greater Sacramento area.  Often I learned of an interesting concert only after it had been given.  The sad fact is that most choral concerts are severely underpublicized.  That's no surprise:  paid advertising is beyond the means of most groups, and coverage in local media is spotty.  Many groups have simply given up on publicity and only announce concerts to their list of past patrons.  In September 2011, I saw this as a problem for which I could provide a solution.

Considering my experience with the Placer Performance Calendar, I felt I could provide a useful service both to those, like myself, who love choral music and to so many singers who have to perform to half-filled houses.  The answer was the Sacramento Choral Calendar.  It organizes information from some 70 independent and college-affiliated choruses, plus many churches, schools, and other organizations that sponsor choral events.  Most of the Calendar's information I collect from systematic monitoring of these organizations' websites (instead of relying on them to volunteer information).  This information is updated nearly every day, and you can to search the Calendar by date, by organization, and by city (using the code structure).

The Calendar gives comprehensive information for those 70 independent and college-affiliated choruses.  But what about schools and churches?  After all, nearly every high school has a choir, as do most churches.  I won't (can't) cover these organizations as systematically as the independent choruses, but if you want listed a public performance of your high school choir or church choir, you may send the information to, and I'll add it to the Calendar.

Since the Sacramento Choral Calendar was launched in September of 2011, I have added extensive information about auditions and reviews of selected performances.  This project is conceived as a community service, so if you have suggestions for how to make it better, know that they are welcome and can be sent to the e-mail address above.