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Voices of California

Audition dates/times
Visitors and prospective new members welcome at any rehearsal. 
Audition venue CLARA Center, 2420 N St., Suite 150, Sacramento
Audition contact
Voice part openings All
Experience or other requirements None
Audition procedure
You may start the membership process as early as your third rehearsal. The overall membership process is really very simple and consists of three basic steps:
  1. Interview - a short discussion intended to ensure that we understand what you are looking for in joining VoCal; and that you understand what will be expected of you when you join us.
  2. Vocal Qualification an assessment of your vocal skills relating to current chorus standards.
  3. VoCal Board Approval a review to ensure that all required steps and application documents have been completed.
Day(s)/time(s) of rehearsals Thursday evenings, starting at 7:30 p.m.
Place of rehearsals CLARA Center, 2420 N St., Suite 150, Sacramento
Dates/venues of upcoming performances Dec. 2, 2017 - Harris Center, Folsom Lake College, Folsom
Profile The Voices of California (VoCal) is a male a cappella singing organization that strives to provide outstanding musical entertainment for our audiences. Our desire is to provide an atmosphere wherein each member is able to achieve his full potential as a performer. We have reasonably high standards for performance membership in the chorus and provide programs for continuing training of members in all aspects of musical performance through the use of both internal and external coaching.

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