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Audition Information

Colla Voce Chamber Singers

Audition dates/times
Generally January and August (by appointment)

Dec. 15, 2017 - Jan. 15, 2018

Audition venue Meadow Vista
Audition contact Janine Dexter, Director -
Send e-mail with subject line "AUDITION."  Include information about your education, music experience and voice characteristics.
Voice part openings All parts, but especially tenors
Experience or other requirements "Singers are expected to read music or have some music reading ability, or need to be willing work on their own time to secure parts with a CD."
Audition procedure

"For the audition please be prepared to:

• sing a short expressive solo (This can be an art song, familiar hymn or song — the emphasis should be on expressive singing. Songs with a piano accompaniment are preferred.)

• sightsing three different exercises/excerpts that will be provided at the audition

• be guided through vocal exercises to demonstrate your entire range

• perform some common melodic intervals (such as Perfect 4th and Major 3rd)

A short series of questions will be asked regarding your choral experience and you will have a chance to ask questions regarding the choir."

Day(s)/time(s) of rehearsals "We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:15 p.m. These rehearsals begin in mid-August and continue through May. In addition to these Wednesday night rehearsals, there are once a month Sunday afternoon potluck rehearsals, 4:00-8:15 p.m. There will be two additional section rehearsals at the beginning of the fall and spring seasons, and two additional dress rehearsals before the concerts begin in December and May.  We generally allow up to 2 absences in a concert prep period. Members who will be absent are expected to alert the conductor and their section leader."
Place of rehearsals Faith Lutheran Church, Meadow Vista
Dates/venues of upcoming performances To be announced
Other commitments Members pay $175 per semester, plus costume expenses.  Scholarships are available if needed.
"Established in 2005, Colla Voce is an auditioned, volunteer, professional caliber chamber choral organization based in Auburn, California.  The members of Colla Voce include professional musicians, medical practitioners, educators, business owners, retired executives and students.

"Colla Voce is committed to the performance, education, and appreciation of a wide range of quality choral music. The chamber singers are honored to have been described as the Auburn area’s premier choral ensemble exhibiting artistic excellence. Literally translated “follow the voice of the Sierra,” Colla Voce is committed to maintaining these standards.

"The ensemble, directed by Janine Dexter, is governed by an elected Board of Directors responsible for the management of the corporation and has acquired the status of a California educational 501 c (3) nonprofit organization.


  • To develop a quality choral group in the Sierra foothills that will last for generations to come
  • To develop an appreciation of choral music in the community
  • To encourage choral music education and creativity
  • To achieve professional standards of performance
  • To develop excellence in musicianship in its membership
  • To enrich lives at home and abroad through choral exchanges
  • To secure a lasting foundation as a nonprofit music organization

"Colla Voce presents a series of concerts for the community in May and December as well as participates in the annual Music for Humanity Concert in February. Colla Voce sings for private gatherings during the Christmas season and is often available for other community events. The chamber choral ensemble is currently planning a choral exchange with a choir in Europe. Colla Voce will be hosting a combined concert with that group in our community and participating in a similar combined concert abroad."

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